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V1. RED CURRY JAY SpicySpicy $13.95 $14.95
V2. GREEN CURRY JAY SpicySpicy $13.95 $14.95
V3. PANANG CURRY JAY SpicySpicy $13.95 $14.95
V4. MUSSAMUN CURRY JAY Spicy $13.95 $14.95
V5. THAI FRIED RICE JAY* $13.95 $14.95
V6. KAPAO FRIED RICE JAY SpicySpicy $13.95 $14.95
V7. INDIAN CURRY FRIED RICE JAY Spicy $13.95 $14.95
V8. INDIAN CURRY JAY Spicy $13.95 $14.95
V9. PAD THAI JAY* $13.95 $14.95
V10. PAD SEE EW JAY* $13.95 $14.95
V11. DRUNKEN NOODLE JAY SpicySpicy $13.95 $14.95
V12. LIME LEAF NOODLE JAY Spicy $13.95 $14.95
V13. EGG NOODLE JAY $13.95 $14.95
V14. RAMA NOODLE JAY SpicySpicy $13.95 $14.95
V15. LAD NAH JAY $13.95 $14.95
V16. PAD KAPAO JAY SpicySpicy $13.95 $14.95
V17. PAD NUM PRIKPAO JAY Spicy $13.95 $14.95
V18. PAD KHING SOD JAY $13.95 $14.95
V19. SWEET & SOUR JAY $13.95 $14.95
V20. PEANUT SAUCE JAY Spicy $13.95 $14.95
V21. OYSTER SAUCE JAY $13.95 $14.95
V22. MIXED VEGETABLES JAY $13.95 $14.95
V23. PAD PED JAY SpicySpicySpicySpicy $13.95 $14.95
Stir fried celophane noodles with egg, beansprouts, shitake mushrooms, mixed vegetables and tofu in soy sauce.
$13.95 $14.95
V25. SOUTHERN NOODLE JAY $13.95 $14.95
* Contain Egg.
All curries, sweet & swour, peanut and rama noodle dishes contain oyster sauce, fish sauce & chicken broth ad cannot be omitted.
* All dishes are prepared with fresh all natural ingredients and no msg.
Spicy=MILD, SpicySpicy=MEDIUM HOT, SpicySpicySpicy=HOT, SpicySpicySpicySpicy=THAI HOT
Price vary and subject to change without notice

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